Review: Mudder Silicone Cosmetic Containers Cream Jar with Sealed Lids


In college, my friends and I have been quite a few weekend trips. Naturally, I’d bring my skincare products because who likes feeling greasy and gross? The only issue was that my skincare products didn’t come in travel sized containers. I’d just bring the whole 5 oz bottle with me. Actually, BOTTLES of skincare products. It took up a lot of space in my backpack, and it got heavy quickly if I hadn’t used at least half of the bottle prior to the trip.

So, I finally decided to buy some travel-sized cosmetic containers. After surfing around I decided to buy the Mudder Silicone Cosmetic Containers Cream Jar with Sealed Lids.


It comes in a set of three and is 20 ml each (or approximately 0.68 fl oz). There’s also an option of buying a set of three 30 ml containers. These cosmetic jars are pretty sturdy, and since it is made of soft silicone it is also very easy to wash and care for. 

I personally leave face cleanser in one container, toner in another, and hand lotion in the other. I’ve never had any problems with leakage; however, I advise not to fill the containers very high. I did that once with cleanser, and my cleanser inevitably ended up creating a mess inside of the cap and around the rim when I tried closing it. (Oops.)


I recommend this for travel as well as everyday use! I was so grateful for this when I was traveling back home last Christmas and ended up stranded in the airport due to the weather conditions. I also found it a great solution to store and carry hand lotion as the New England winters can be quite dry; causing my hands to grow chap and even crack.

I’ll definitely be bringing this with me on my three days, two night trip to NYC tomorrow!


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