Too Cool For School Max in Pocket Lip Balm (Pink Pink) Review


Too Cool For School Max in Pocket Lip Balm in Pink Pink is currently my go-to lip balm. Its cute and playful packaging definitely caught my eye the first time I saw this product on Sephora (because who isn’t a sucker for cute or pretty packaging?). It contains shea butter and mango seed butter to repair dry lips and keep them moisturized! This is definitely a must feature for me as my lips get dry easily. However, during colder, drier, and windier winter days in New England I definitely need to keep a chapstick or Vaseline with me at hand; I don’t find this lip balm as sufficiently moisturizing during this weather.


Pink Pink is a beautiful color I especially love using during the winter season when my lips are bit paler than usual. Since it’s a tinted lip balm, one layer leaves a beautiful sheer pink color. It’s also easy to build opacity with additional layers. The color lasts for about 3-4 hours with eating; even afterwards, it fades into a beautiful pink. This picture is unedited and was taken with natural lighting on a cloudy day.

Too Cool For School Max in Pocket Lip Balm also comes in two other colors: Kiss Kiss (red) and Dolly Dolly (red orange/coral)


My favorite feature of this pocket lip balm is the little mirror inside. It’s really convenient to have when you want to touch up throughout the day but don’t have a compact mirror or a bathroom near you.


This lip balm also comes with a slim metal ball chain; so you can attach your lip balm to your purse or bag and take it everywhere you go.


Overall, I love this lip balm for it’s beautiful color, easy application, and packaging. I also appreciate that I haven’t had any particular problems with the product melting when I have left it in the car or in my backpack during warmer CA weather. On the days I just want to bring a little more color to my lips, it’s a great product that I always leave in my backpack or pouch so I have it wherever I go.


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