Note to Self: You’re Not a Doctor


These last few week have been a little hectic for my health since I’ve been having some cold-like symptoms and a nasty cough. I figured I could just keep hydrated, take some Tylenol to alleviate the symptoms, and sleep it off; y’know the pretty standard protocol. Except my nasty cough persisted, leaving me no time to catch a breath. Literally.

On Monday I decided to schedule an appointment with my health center, worried if whether or not I had any fluids in my lungs. Fortunately I was able to grab an appointment that same day and learn that  my lungs didn’t have any “wetness” and my breathing sounded stable. My physician was 99% sure that I had and nasty virus the week before, and although the virus is gone now it had left my airways very irritated. If I had come in to see him a week earlier, he said he could have prescribed me some antibiotics and I probably would have avoided these residual symptoms. BUT! There was still that 1% of uncertainty that there was something else that couldn’t be detected with the stethoscope alone; so he had me go to the local hospital to get x-rays of my lungs for precautionary measures. At this point, I regret thinking I could just settle with over-the-counter pills and sleep and be alright the next morning; also because the last time the health center referred me to a dermatologist off-campus, the cab and Uber fees totaled to nearly $100!!!

This time around, I was able to get a free ride from the justice league of my school, a.k.a. Campus Police (Thank you so much Campo!). The next day, I received my x-ray results back and was relieved to find out that my lungs weren’t filled with any fluids.

While my recovery is progressing quite slowly this past week, I’ll definitely remember to head over to the health center sooner the next time I get sick and save my parents from worry. Although school is important and keeping hydrated and getting more sleep is good, I’m not an expert in medicine and health; I couldn’t have known that my cold-like symptoms stemmed from a virus rather than bacteria. Besides, the health center is there for every college student’s convenience right?


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