My Attempt To Be an Adult: Applying For a Passport

Today I went to apply for a new passport since my old passport is expiring this month. About a week ago, I filled out all of the paperwork online and prepared all of the other necessary documents; y’know, just trying to prepare everything beforehand like the adult I am.

I didn’t have a new 2×2 picture yet for my passport, so I headed downtown and stopped by the local CVS before heading over to the passport office. After I paid for my picture, I pulled out Google Maps to find the office because I actually didn’t know the exact location of the office. However, Google Maps on my phone was telling it was going to take a 8 day walk to get to the office (uhm, yeah no thanks). I tried searching up all of the passport offices that were within 5-10 miles radius, and several options popped up that weren’t too far but I decided to go back and do the research on my laptop since it seemed much more convenient and logical at the time.

Turns out, the passport office was inside a courthouse just across the street of CVS, along one of the smaller, secluded streets. So I traverse back into town and make it to the office just fine. But then I found out that I could only pay for the passport application fees with a check or money order. I don’t have my own checkbook, so the kind office lady helping me with my passport application told me I could go across the street to CVS to get a money order. And so my adventure continues! Back to CVS I go, but then the cashier told me I can only pay for the money order with cash, not card. So off to Bank of America I go; then back to CVS I go; and finally I’m back at the passport office.

Paperwork went by quickly, and once everything was filled out, the office worker asked me to raise my right hand and said “Do you swear that [all information was filled out correctly to the best of the knowledge and the person applying for the passport is you]?”

I was slightly nervous at this point because I didn’t know that this was part of the application process. So with my right hand up I said with a straight of a face (or so I think I had a straight face) “I swear that all information on my application is accurate and filled in with the best of my knowledge. And uhm, yeah that’s me.” (sweaty, awkward stare)

She smirked and said, “Uhm, you just had to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

I felt my face grow really warm; I was so, so, sooooo embarrassed!

Needless to say, it was definitely an adventure to remember. And on the bright side, I won’t need to renew my passport any time soon!


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